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Find the latest strategies, resources, and technologies to help you adapt your course to hybrid or online teaching.

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Connect with IU’s teaching and learning community for support and resources for affordable content, active learning, and teaching online.

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Your teaching toolkit

Teaching with technology is more important than ever. Whether you’re teaching in person, online, or a hybrid class, IU’s technology resources help you plan, execute, and organize your courses for a successful semester.

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  • IU Course Template

    Develop your Canvas course using a template for your home page, syllabus, and more.

  • NameCoach

    Foster inclusion and community through an audio recording of a name's pronunciation.

  • Pressbooks

    Create and publish etexts, articles, and assignments in digital formats, including websites, PDFs, or ePUB files.

  • Teaching and Learning Centers

    Discover ways to engage students using technologies for active and collaborative learning on every IU campus.

  • Teaching for Student Success

    Learn to articulate your teaching philosophy and better serve students through this module series.

  • Teaching.IU

    Find resources for building courses, enhancing instruction, and advancing teaching excellence.

  • Technology Tool Finder

    Your one-stop portal for IU-supported teaching and learning technologies.

  • Turnitin

    Identify plagiarism and help students improve source citation, grammar, and quoting skills.

  • Unizin Data Platform

    Explore new opportunities for research on teaching and learning, generated from learner data.

Enhancing the classroom experience

IU continues to seek new ways to engage students and instructors. Flexible design, creative tools, and ongoing evaluation help aid active, collaborative learning.

Featured tools

Other tools

  • Learning Spaces

    Foster engagement and innovation with designs, systems, and support that expand IU's formal and informal classroom environments.

  • Quick Check

    Embed frequent, low-stakes assessments to gauge students’ understanding of course materials.

  • Top Hat

    Increase student engagement with real-time feedback via slides, questions, discussions, and polls.